Borrowing from the BEES The Health Benefits of Propolis Part 3

In the first two segments of this blog series, you learned about propolis and what it can do for you! Part 3 of this wonderful series is all about a wonderful propolis product, Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS®!

A Little Recap For You

Propolis is a natural, protective, antimicrobial substance that bees apply throughout the interior of their hives. In beehives, propolis protects against the elements, pathogens, molds and bad bacteria! In the human body, it works as an antimicrobial agent, antioxidant, and helps to balance the body’s natural inflammatory and immune responses!*

Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS®

As if propolis weren’t amazing enough, this particular product combines Brazilian Green Propolis with other therapeutic ingredients for whole health support! There is simply no other single-product combination like this on the market today!

Brazilian Green Propolis (BGP)

BGP comes from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil and is named for its vibrant green color. This propolis is derived mainly from alecrim, a relative of Rosemary, and contains remarkably high cinnamic acid derivatives that enhance its antioxidant effects. BGP is created by Africanized honeybees, which have adapted to living in an extremely difficult environment, and the potency of their propolis reflects this fact!


You’ve heard you should eat colorful foods for health, but you may have wondered why. The answer is carotenoids! Carotenoids are naturally occurring pigments that not only make your food prettier but make it more healthy and due to their potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties! Astaxanthin is a red carotenoid from seaweed, and also the reason that salmon and shellfish, who regularly consume these algae, are pink!

Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant that possesses several unique properties such as its ability to reach every part of the cell and also cross the blood-brain, and blood-retinal barrier! It is considered one of the most complete antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances known to man!

Vitamin E Complex for added antioxidant support

Flax Oil

Omega-3s from flax oil help increase the permeability of cell membranes; assisting the other spectacular ingredients in this product to reach every cell in your body more quickly!

Probiotic Extract

This powdered fermented vegetable extract supports nutrient absorption, enhancing the efficacy of all other ingredients! You have heard it said, you are what you eat, but you are also what your body absorbs.

And That’s Not All….

Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS® is also
Gluten Fee
Dairy Free

This formulation is a whole health revolution! Each ingredient complements and enhances the effects of the others, providing the body with antioxidant, inflammation-balancing, and immune system support!

There are no counter indications or issues with taking both Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS® along with Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics®, in fact, they will work together exceptionally well!

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics® stimulates your friendly bacteria in the gut which leads to a healthier, less burdened intestinal system. A healthy gut is able to utilize the nutrients in both food and supplements much more efficiently, therefore increasing the efficacy of ANY supplement you may be taking!*

Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS® does have antimicrobial properties, but unlike synthetic antibiotics, it won’t harm your friendly helper bacteria! It also supports balanced inflammation which will also help with a healthy, happy gut environment!*

Support Whole Body Health with Dr. Ohhira’s Propolis PLUS® and Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics®!

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