Pardon me…. Bellies, bacteria and burps…oh my

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Interesting Facts (and Solutions) from Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics ®

Burping, also called a belch, is the voluntary (and sometimes involuntary) release of air and extra gas from the stomach. Bacteria sometimes cause that gas among, among other things…

Why We Burp

In short, burping occurs when the stomach has excess air and/or gas that it needs to get rid of. This excess gas can have many different causes. Here are a few of them:

  1. Drinking or Eating Too Quickly – when you eat or drink, you swallow air along with your food or beverage. Air contains gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. When these gases are swallowed, they need to get out! So your stomach forces them up through the esophagus, which causes a loud – BURP!
  2. Indigestion (and Digestion) – As Dr. O-Hero™ knows, there are billions of tiny bacteria in your gut. These bacteria help digest your food and, in the process, release methane gas. Once again, these gases need to get out! This causes us to burp – or fart. Indigestion can cause MUCH more gas than usual.
  3. Certain food & drink – It is commonly known that certain foods such as broccoli or cabbage can cause more gas than normal due to being harder to digest. For a full list of “gassy foods” see here. Also, soda and other carbonated beverages contain carbon dioxide, which can add to the gas problem.

Burping Solutions from Dr. O-Hero™

  1. Changing what you eat and drink can sometimes cut down on gas and decrease your burps. Try to consume fewer carbonated beverages, chew less gum etc.
  2. Eat each meal slowly, and ideally while sitting down. Typically, this results in less air being swallowed.
  3. Take a high quality probiotic supplement to aid with healthy digestion. Dr. O-Hero’s pick?… Ohhira’s Probiotics® of course! His award-winning probiotic is doctor recommended to support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption which may result in less “burpy situations” for you.*
  4. Don’t use a straw as it may cause you to “drink” more air.

Not to worry! Burping is normal and doesn’t require any medical treatment. In some cultures, a big belch after a meal actually shows your host that it was thoroughly enjoyed and delicious! If your burping does become excessive, see your healthcare practitioner for advice, as it can be a sign of other medical conditions. Oh an always say, ‘excuse me!’.

Do you have any funny burping stories or tricks to prevent burping? Share with us in the comments below!



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